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Neon tubes blown and worked by expert craftsmen. Each neon produced is different because every single element is manually produced.
A unique Staff that gives rise to an art where the creation of the objects is full of emotion and uniqueness.

Neon Art is aimed not only at lovers of light art and design but also at professionals such as interior designers and architects.



Do you recognize yourself in this description? More and more often, walking through the streets of a city, entering a club, or more simply looking at the scenography of a film, your gaze is captured by a bright neon with different shapes, or by a bright neon sign?

Today, Neon Art offers you the possibility to create your own neon installation. You can imagine the neon design, the shape or the neon writing you want, for you or as a surprise. Even the color of your neon lettering, the support and the size will be up to you, just like when you choose a tailored suit.

In this journey you will be accompanied by the skills and meticulousness of the best craftsman artists, who before working the neon tubes, will be able to advise you and listen to your desire to make the personalized neon you are going to create, a unique piece: your work of Neon Art.


All that remains is to take a moment, give voice to your fantasies, and contact us for any request.

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