We deliver in Italy and all over the world by pony express
In Italy the delivery costs start from 15 euro with IVA included for weights lower than 15 kg. Usually delivery takes about 72 hours.

The delivery costs will be reported on the estimate.
The times can be extended of 2/3 days in case you pay by bank transfer since the package will be sent only once the transfer has come through.

Delivery times
The neon lights are entirely made by hand therefore the times will depend on their complexity. Neon-Art will send you an e-mail as the handcraft begins and another one when it ends. However production shouldn’t take longer than 15 working days.

The neon is sent in a reinforced plywood box. The box dimensions depend on the light’s dimensions. The high is always fixed to 25 cm. The inner parts of the box are covered by a shock absorbent material. The neon is protected by a layer of styrofoam peanuts.

A 80x30x25 box’s price is from 35 euro, it increases with the increase of the size.

We accept the following methods of payment: bank transfer and Paypal. The personal data for the transfer will be given on the estimate. Handcraft will start once the transfer is successful.

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